The University of North Texas hosted a one-day Open Access Symposium on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at the Denton campus. The event featured both nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the open access movement. The symposium was intended as a catalyst to move UNT and other academic institutions in Texas forward in consideration of institutional open access policies. It was sponsored by:

Presentations from the Symposium are now available. (See Symposium Schedule for information about each speaker's presentation and Symposium Speakers for biographical information about each speaker.)

1. Provost Wendy K. Wilkins, Opening Remarks [Video]

2. Stevan Harnad, Keynote. Designing the Optimal Open Access Mandate [Video] [Slide deck]

3. David E. Shulenburger. The Research University Imperative to Distribute Scholarly Research [Video] [Slide deck]

4. R. Michael Tanner. Disruptive Transformations and Open Access [Video] [Slide deck]

5. Tyler O. Walters. Advancing Open Access through Digital Services [Video] [Slide deck]

6. David Eltis and Elizabeth Milewicz. Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database -- A Case Study in Transitioning to Open Access [Video] [Slide deck]

7. Dwayne K. Buttler. Copyright and Publication Agreements: Who Owns Your Work? [Video] [Slide deck]

8. Heather Joseph. Is Open Access becoming the "New Normal"? [Video] [Slide deck]

9. Sanford G. Thatcher. What University Presses Think about Open Access [Video]

10. Karen Hunter. Open Access from a Journal Publisher's Perspective [Video] [Slide deck]

11. Deborah Kahn. Open Access Publishing: Benefits, Challenges and Experiences [Video] [Slide deck]

12. Clifford Lynch. Closing Session [Video]

13. Plenary Questions and Answers [Video]

14. Provost Wendy K. Wilkins, Closing Remarks [Video]